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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Good Report

It's been a busy day. I accepted a new teaching position and officially started today. With open house tomorrow, needless to say, I have lots to do. Kim graciously helped me all day and at midnight, the room is in pretty good shape. I am still working on the paperwork and planning component!

More importantly, Ryan received a call from the Adoption physician this morning. She was very optimistic about the treatment of her under active thyroid and concurred that all the other medical information shows she is growing and meeting the developmental milestones. She had somewhat of a different opinion about the place on her shoulder which we originally were told was a type of birthmark. The specialistic thinks it is a lymphangioma. If this is the case, she would need to have it removed when she gets here. The doctor didn't think it was anything to be too concerned about and said she has seen it before with international adoptions. Further testing would determine to what extent treatment would be needed. We are going to inquire more about this and see if any further treatment has been done in Korea. The doctor went on to say that there is no reason she wouldn't live a happy healthy normal life.

Please continue to pray for us as we meet with the adoption agency and seek God's will in finding the little girl He has chosen for our family.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Timelines are Made to be Broken...

We have been telling everyone that we are in the "hurry up and wait" stage. Well, today our wait may have come to an end...

I thought it would be at least 4 to 6 months before I could write to say that we have received a referral. But God's timing is perfect and although we have prayed for the wait to be short and for our little girl to come quickly, we of little faith, never thought today would be the day. Here is how it happened:
There was a message on the home phone on Friday from our home study agency. I didn't think much about. I actually told a friend at church on Sunday when she asked how things were going that our agency called on Friday and probably wanted the rest of our parenting certificates. This morning I was on my way to Bowling Green and my phone rang, it was our adoption agency. I answered the phone and Julie greeted me with a friendly hello. She began to explain that they received a referral for a little girl in the Waiting Child program and wanted to send the information to see if we would be interested. I inquired about why she was considered a waiting child and she explained that she has hypothyroidism (under active thyroid). I wasn't for sure what that meant, but I knew that we were open to learning more. Julie faxed the medical information and sent me two precious pictures of her. Let's just say she has the most adorable face and her hair puts a smile on your face! :o) Ryan says her hair defies gravity!

After reading her case study and medical information, we decided to take the information to our pediatrician for review. She met with us this afternoon and said that her condition was minor and would simply require medicine for treatment. She has met all of her developmental milestones and is growing well.

We requested the full referral information and will be reviewing it in the next couple of days. Needless to say, we can't begin to describe how excited and overwhelmed we are! We want to share her picture with you but are going to wait until we officially accept the referral. An adoption blog friend gave me the name of a well known adoption pediatrician and we are going to follow up with her just to make sure. Please pray that God will continue to guide and direct us as we determine if this adorable little girl is meant to be part of our family. We appreciate all the friends and family that have prayed today.

It is amazing how easy it is to fall in love simply by looking at a picture of one of God's children. God, if this little girl is meant to be ours, please continue to open our hearts and guide us to the right people who will confirm our natural instincts to make her part of our family. Help us to be objective but also open to the wonderful way in which you work. God, I give You the glory for all you continue to do in our lives and the way in which you bless us daily. May we honor You in our actions and may we follow Your will if this little girl is meant to be ours.