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Monday, June 22, 2009

Home Study-Report Drafted

We are so excited to share that we received the draft of our home study Saturday to look over. Ryan and I have been revising the pages and just sent it back to our social worker for final touches. We are one step closer to our little girl! We also received our formal application in the mail on Saturday. After compiling pictures and completing paperwork, we are ready to send it in as well. We will update when we know more as we continue the journey. Please pray for our little girl, chosen by God to be part of our family.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Home Study 2: Completed

We are excited to have our second home study finished!!!  (and to hand in all the paperwork)  Meredith came to our house to meet Chase and interview us.  Chase was a little nervous about the interview which didn't take long.  Meredith asked him if he was excited about getting a baby sister and he of course said yes.  He also told her that he was going to teach her how to play baseball.  Ryan and I were each interviewed as well.  We were able to discuss our families and the values that were instilled in us growing up.  The home study will be compiled and sent to Korea so we can get our referral.  I am still waiting on the formal application from AIAA so I am going to track that down on Monday.  

Please continue to pray for our little girl.  Our estimations suggest that she is about to be born or could even be a newborn!!!  I pray that God will watch over her, be with her birth mother and foster mother.  I also pray that her needs will be met and that she will know the love that not only we have for her but the unmeasurable love God has for her!!!

I purchased a picture frame this week that is waiting for her referral picture.  It says:
"You don't choose your family.  They are God's gift to you, as you are to them."  -Desmond Tutu
I can't wait to meet the little girl God has picked for us long before we even knew what His plan was...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Home study, TB test, Blood work, Fingerprints, and Shopping!

It's been busy couple of weeks!  Here's the update:
We met our caseworker Meredith on Friday May 29th at Starbucks.  She was wonderful.  It is amazing how God puts certain people in your path.  She is a social worker too and is starting her masters in social work at Western this fall.  What a small world!  (I tried to prepare her for the millions of discussion board posts she would be doing over the next year!!!)  The meeting went well and was very informal.  We enjoyed sharing with her our reason for adopting.  We have our second home study visit Friday. . .  One step closer to our little girl.  

Ryan and I also had blood work and TB tests for the process.  I told him I was a little excited about the fact that he had to endure the blood work, TB test, and urinalysis this time whereas with Chase I had the joy.  He chuckled and said she's worth it!

We went to Louisville Monday afternoon to turn in our I600A form and get fingerprinted.  The I600A is a petition to adopt.  The fingerprints are for federal background checks.  Hopefully those will be processed soon.  

We have been doing some shopping for our little sweetheart.  I want to make sure we have everything in place before she gets here.  Ryan and I have been looking at strollers and furniture.  We were amazed at how much things have changed since Chase was a baby.  

It's hard to fathom that our little girl could be born already.  I know God has a wonderful plan for her life.  Please keep us in your prayers as we finish up getting the paperwork together.  We pray that our home study Friday goes well and is typed up and processed quickly!