Emma's Gotcha Day Video

Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy 18 Months Emma Yeirin!

Miss Emma is 18 months old today. We spent the day by shopping in Bowling Green, eating lunch with Daddy, and taking another trip to the ER tonight! Emma was in the office and I took her by the arm to walk into another room. She decided she didn't want to go and tried to throw herself on the floor (I know sweet Emma). When she did, my natural reaction was to hold on to her and pull her up, well apparently some kiddos have nursemaid elbow. That means the elbow dislocates easily. She cried for about 15 minutes and wasn't moving her arm. Needless to say, we went to the ER and they put it back in place and she was back to her old self immediately. I was amazed at how quickly she got relief. The x-ray showed that everything is back where it belongs and 4 hours later, we're back at home and Emma is asleep. Whew, what a way to spend your day! I am so in love with her. She continues to amaze and bless our family. It's so neat to watch her grow, learn new things, and interact with us. I am thankful for Emma's life and the decision her birthmother made to allow her to come into the this world and become our daughter. I pray that her birthmother finds peace and comfort in knowing that she choose a better life for Emma. I will forever be thankful to her and I hope she knows how much we appreciate her selflessness.

After the doctor put her elbow back in place. . . Coloring with her toes!

Waiting for the x-ray results...