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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy 13 Months Emma Yeirin!!!

It's been 5 months since Emma came home and in many ways it seems like she's always been here. On Tuesday, she turned 13 months old and is certainly acting more and more like a toddler. She is such a funny little girl! Emma is saying lots of words and doesn't forget anything! So for being 13 months, here's 13 words Emma can say:
1. Chase-which can have many different tones depending on what she is trying to get across
2. Bath-don't mention it unless you're going to give her one. She loves bathtime!
3. Momma-lately she's been saying it a lot!
4. Dadda-She loves her Dadda and gives him love when he comes home
5. More
6. Bite
7. Cat
8. Bye bye
9. That-usually followed by the pointing of her finger to what she wants
10. Night night
11. Baby
12. Juice
13. Ree-"read" she has really taken interest in books and loves to read them

Emma also says "shh" as she puts her finger over her mouth. It's humorous that in the middle of the night when she wakes up crying and we tell her shh so she doesn't wake up Chase, she stops crying, puts her hand over her mouth and says shh. It usually doesn't last long...

This is the look I get when she wants my attention. She wraps her little arms around my legs and looks up at me with this face and says, Momma...too sweet!

Looking at a book

This is a sweet dress from Poppy Dip. Wonderful friends, Tara and Tiff gave this to Emma for her birthday. Tara is in the early stages of adopting, so keep her in your prayers. You can check her out here. Thanks ladies for such a sweet gift!!!

Emma's Pap impersonation. . .

Doesn't she look sooo big sitting in that chair!!!

She smiles a lot, but usually puts it away when I get the camera out!

This girl sure is musical! She loves to dance and sing. I'm glad since I don't have any musical talent at all!!!

Watching American Idol and singing along!

Future star...

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  1. She is such a little baby doll! And those outfits are adorable!! Happy 13 Months, Emma!