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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Emma Yeirin!

So it's been way too long since my last post! The delay is due to my OCD ;o). Since I lost the detailed notes I made of Days 3-5 in Korea, I decided not to post until I found them. I guess you can figure out how that's going?

So, after major holidays have passed and lots of exciting things, I couldn't let Emma's 3rd birthday go by without a post so I am trying not to think about not completing the blog in chronological order...However I am just now finishing her 3rd birthday post on March 26 but logged onto the blog in February to "secure" the February date on the timestamp. Yes, I'm that crazy!

So here's a snapshot of Emma's birthday:
We went to Disney World in December (yes another post to do) and Emma loved all the characters. So she decided on a Donald, um, I mean Minnie birthday party.

Emma and her best friend, Bekah, enjoying some ice cream.

She was so excited about turning 3 and told everyone she saw on her birthday, "Today is my birthday," followed by holding up her fingers and saying "I'm three!"
Emma is an active, funny, imaginative, smart little girl these days. I absolutely love her personality and the way she looks at life. Her smile makes this momma's heart so happy!
Posing with Daddy, did I mention she is a Daddy's girl?

This year was such a neat birthday for her as she was old enough to understand what her birthday was all about. How thankful we are to celebrate with such a sweet little girl!

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  1. She is such a cutie! Sarah Beth will be having her third birthday in a week. Such big little girls!