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Monday, April 9, 2012

A Picture (or two) is worth a Thousand Words

Here's a look at what we've been up to over the past few months. So many exciting things to blog about so I will try to catch up with photos and start fresh.

Fun in the Sun

Emma loves to be in the water. Whether at the pool or in the tub, she contents when she's swimming and splashing!

We took a family vacation to Pensacola Beach this past summer. Emma loved the pool but wasn't sure about "big water." We enjoyed the family time and slow pace. Chase ate crab legs for the first time and found a new favorite food.

Summer was spent at the ballpark as Chase played minor league and All-Stars. This momma loves some baseball!

It's so hard to believe Chase is in fourth grade this year. Emma spends the day with a retired kindergarten assistant who is like family to us. We Love Mama and the gang! I went back to work full-time and still have the agency. Blessed to have the ability serve students and orphans!

Fall Fun

Emma had her first haircut since coming home from Korea. She wasn't sure about it but was able to be bribed with suckers!

Chase turned 10 in October. Where did the time go? So proud of him. Love this kiddo!

Someone loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Can you see him? :)

These two have a neat relationship. He's so patient with her!

We were blessed to meet three wonderful Chinese teachers this year. Two are teaching at one of our elementary schools and one is at the high school. I have enjoyed getting to know them, sharing meals, and spending time together. They are such neat ladies!

My little turkey! Thankful for two years with our sweet girl!

Winter Happenings

We went to Disney World before Christmas. December is my favorite time to go! They have Christmas decorations and music playing. Such a neat atmosphere! This was Emma's first time to go. She had so much fun. The characters and the parades were her favorite. Chase loved riding the roller coasters and took advantage of the parent swap to ride twice!

Emma loved operating the Dumbo ride

I didn't think we were going to get her off the carousel. We rode about ten times in a row!!!

She loved seeing Mickey! Her expression was priceless. She kept looking up at Ryan and I with such anticipation asking if it was her turn yet.

Cinderella was one of her favorites.

Emma also loved the nighttime parade with lights and "snow."

Donald was her favorite. She even picked out a Donald stuffed animal in the Disney store. She also threw him over the monorail fence and Chase had to get him. We put some bandaids on his legs and she took good care of him after that!

Chase really liked Test Track and the Lights, Motor, Action show, especially since he's into cars and hot rods.

Both kiddos liked Animal Kingdom and gorillas.

We adopted An Elf on the Shelf this year. Chase and Emma named him Jerry. Jerry helped look out for good and bad behavior. Emma was upset when he went back to the North Pole. She also liked to manipulate and bribe Jerry to not tell Santa. The negotiating skills of a two year old can be amazing!

Christmas Eve with Nana and Popa.

Christmas morning

Christmas at Gran and Pap's

Emma started taking gymnastics this year. She loves going! The bars are her favorite. She likes to swing like a monkey!

That's a snapshot of what we've been up to... The little things are the big things!


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