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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sharing the Big News

Tonight we were able to tell my family about our future little girl.  Nana and Papa were excited for us.  Papa said he had been wishing for another little girl in the family.  Nana said she would have something to look for at yard sales!  She was also excited about the extra shopping partner.  

Chase never ceases to amaze me at how compassionate and caring he is.  He told me this morning as he was getting ready for school that even though he hadn't met his sister yet, he loved her already.  What an answer to prayer!  We welcome your prayers as we think she may still be growing inside her birth mother or is just a newborn.  Please pray that God will watch over her and keep her safe and healthy.  Pray for her birth mother and the difficult decision that must take place in her life in order for our lives to be filled with such joy.   

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