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Monday, May 18, 2009

Sharing the News (cont.)

Thursday night after our softball game we were able to share the news with Ryan's uncle Dale.  He was surprised to hear our news.  He jokingly asked if we were getting a new puppy when we told him we were expanding the family.  He knew Aunt Mary would be excited about our good news, she always wanted a little girl in the family. 

It's been an exciting weekend.  Friday night I graduated from WKU with a masters in Social Work.  I am so thankful to be finished and am looking forward to spending quality time with my family on Saturdays instead of being in class!  The social work department held a private graduation ceremony that was very nice and personal.  After, we went to Longhorn to have dinner.  There we were able to share the news with Mema, Granny, Uncle Roger, Aunt Charlotte, and Joey.  Mema was excited for us as was the rest of the family.  Granny wanted to make sure she had dibs on giving her a crib since she gave Chase his.  Uncle Roger made Charlotte choke on her food when he mentioned that he wouldn't mind adopting a daughter!  Joey entertained us with lots of questions!  

On Sunday we were able to share the news with our church family.  They too were supportive and we definitely need the prayers as we fill out paperwork and wait and wait and wait...

Sunday afternoon I was able to share the news with my cousin and her family.  Well, almost...  It seems Chase was so excited that he told everyone he knew and they found out through the grapevine!  

We are closing on our house on Wednesday so we spent the afternoon moving as much of the big furniture as possible.  Leave it to the Johnsons to move, graduate, and adopt at the same time!!!  Thankfully one of our youth from church came to help us, otherwise I'd still be trying to lift the armoire!  

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