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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Introducing Yeirin Kang

We are excited to announce we will be the forever parents of beautiful Yeirin Kang. Her name means bright and pure. She will be 6 months old tomorrow. As you can tell from the pictures she is growing and eating well! Chase is so excited and loves his little sister. Since the referral came earlier than expected, we haven't fully decided on a name. We will let you know when we do!

This week has been indescribable. Words can't begin to express the amazing way God has worked this week. Our journey, which we initially thought would take much longer will be complete much sooner than expected. Yeirin should be here by the middle of November! What an awesome Christmas preset!

There are so many ways in which God has worked this week. Let me explain: On Thursday of last week, I found out about a teaching position that had been posted just that day. Due to traveling requirements of my current position, I pursued the teaching opening in hopes of being able to be back into the classroom. I have missed the kiddos. This position would also give me more time to spend with our family and great hours for when a baby comes, which we were expecting in January-April. On Monday, we get a referral for a little girl (about 5 months earlier than expected!). God's timing is perfect! Since Yeirin will be here in November, a teaching position would give me a chance to take time off and spend with her. I officially accepted the position on Wednesday.

On another note, we received conflicting information about the spot on Yeirin's right shoulder. Two different doctors were confident they knew what it was and they gave two different answers! We were torn because we knew one of diagnosis would cause Yeirin to have surgery and possibly multiple surgeries. Ryan and I talked during the two hour drive to Danville and just were torn about what it would mean for her. After arriving at the Adoption agency, the director felt that the place in question would not be something as serious as one of the doctors suggested because she felt the doctors in Korea would have disclosed that information. Before Yeirin leaves Korea, she will be seen by an American doctor and if the Korean doctors do not disclose information, she would not be able to travel. In ten years, this has never happened with the agency we are working with. So, we left with intentions to have the Adoption agency seek additional information from the Korean welfare society about this spot. Here's how good God is: On the way home I began to look over the child study again. In Korea, they use A4 paper which is longer than a normal sheet of paper. When we received Yeirin's orginal documents, they were faxed on regular paper. At the bottom of one of her medical documents, which was cut off during the fax to us, the doctors had conducted a ultrasound of the location on her back and determined it was a birthmark, which is what our pediatrician suggested as well. I was overcome with excitement and emotion. It was as if God knew we needed that information in order to make a strong decision to make His little girl part of our family. Oh, God is good! Needless to say, that was the confirmation we needed!

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