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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Doing Well

Emma slept all night last night!!! That is such an accomplishment. She is such a funny little girl. Her facial expressions crack me up and the way she mimics what you tell her to say is hilarious. I can tell by the way she looks at me that she knows I'm here to stay. That was one of my biggest fears, fearing that she wouldn't attach to me. I love the way she holds her hands out and says Momma. Her love for music is evident in the way she dances to noises and loves her Sing-a-Long songs. She's doing very well in her car seat now and hardly fusses. Chase has mounted his DVD player to the middle seat and she loves to dance to her Cedarmont Kid videos. We think we know what Emma wants for Christmas! (Mommy and Daddy too) Emma is also doing well with others holding her. She looks to make sure Mommy or Daddy are close by but isn't bothered by others holding her. She is eager to come back to me when I hold my arms out. Again, that shows that she has attached. I know family and friends had a difficult time with the wait, but we love Emma and want what's best for her. Here are some pictures of the past few days.

My friend, Gayla, getting her Emma fix...

"Can someone open this gate...Please..."

Sweet girl with her top teeth shining.

Emma is pulling up and beginning to cruise along the furniture.

Gran giving her girl a bottle

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