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Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy 9 Months Emma Yeirin

Emma Yeirin Johnson-November 2, 2009

Our sweet Emma is 9 months old today. We also have the joy of celebrating her being home 5 weeks. It's amazing how much she has changed and learned over the past 5 weeks. Everyday she does something new and exciting. She has bonded and attached to us so well. Her personality is easy going and funny. Her little legs are always on the move and she loves to explore. So, Emma, on your 9 months of life, these are 9 things we love about you:

1. The way you smile at your brother no matter what he says or does
2. When you look at us and say "Momma" and "Dadda"
3. We love the peculiar way you sit in the floor with one leg behind you
4. The way you curl up your toes
5. How you wake up from your nap, press the music player, and dance in your crib
6. The way you blow your nose when Daddy shows you how
7. The way you kick and squeal when it's bath time
8. How you growl at us
9. The way you try to stand up in the middle of the floor

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  1. Such sweet sweet blessings. It just overwhelms me when I see her sweet face, and how I see the love in your family's eyes for her. God Bless you all for your willingness to be Jesus to her!!!