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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Emma's First Halloween

Emma had her first Halloween tonight. She and Chase had lots of fun visiting family and collecting goodies. This was the first time I have tried to put her hair up in pigtails and it seemed to work. I am going to have to get some tips from other mothers with daughters! Growing up, I was a tomboy so I never got into the cute hair styles... We are so thankful to be able to experience her first Halloween with her. It is amazing to think a few months ago we were hoping to have a referral for a daughter this month, and God is so amazing that He brought her home before we were even due for a referral! I can only say that God has a special plan for her life and the life of our family. We hope that everyone who hears about our journey will hear how God's hand was in all of it. We give Him the glory.

Our first stop was Mema's house. Emma didn't know what fun she was about to have!

Look at that handsome football player and the most adorable little cheerleader I have ever seen. She sure does love her big brother.

Future UK football star and cheerleader

Go Big Blue!

The Whole Gang:
It's hard to believe our family has doubled in children in just two years...
Who knows what the next two years will bring-Kim may have something to say about that! ;o)

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