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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Doctor's Visit

Emma had her first well baby visit this morning. She has been spitting up with the American formula, so our doctor changed her to soy based formula. Hopefully that will help with the spit up. The doctor said the composition of soy formula is close to the Korean formula she was taking. She also received 3 shots today in order to begin her revaccinations. We decided to go ahead with revaccinating to be sure all of her immunizations take. On top of that she had to have blood drawn to check her thyroid, but she only cried for a minute. Miss Emma was such a big girl today. She took everything they were doing to her so well. Let's just say Mommy probably took it harder than she did. We continue to be so blessed by her sweet personality. She is such an easy going baby. She also has a new tooth! It's the top left one. We thought she might be teething but she wasn't fussy. I kept hearing a grinding sound yesterday and told Ryan about it. Sure enough, it was her bottom tooth rubbing against her top one. Here she is at the doctor before the shots...

Our high chair was delivered yesterday. Now we can eat lunch and supper without crawling all over the room...

Getting around...without the bow!

Emma has learned to growl this week. This is her sweet little face when she is making her grrr noise. It is so cute because she growls on command!

She had enough of the camera, so she decided to confiscate my camera strap...

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