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Monday, October 5, 2009

A Busy Weekend

We decided to take Emma to Sunday School Sunday. She was in such a good mood and smiled at everyone in the lobby. I was concerned about how she would do with so many people, but she didn't seemed bothered by it at all. After church we went out to eat and she really wants to eat what we are eating. I am beginning to wonder if her foster parents didn't feed her from their plates. The information we got said that she just ate formula and grapes and tomatoes. . . Yuck! I assume she ate more than that, just nothing that we would have here! We tried rice cereal and at first she didn't like it. She ate more of it the second time. We also tried squash for the first time last night and you can be the judge as to what she thought about it! She ate it much better today. She still does not like her car seat which is going to be very difficult since we are a busy family. She is okay until the car starts moving. Usually it is the opposite with babies. Here are some pictures of our sweet girl. We are so blessed to be her parents and know that God is abundantly awesome. She is such an easy going baby, full of smiles and wonder and curiosity. She is starting to crawl on her hands and knees. She is determined to get where she wants to go either by crawling, rolling, or doing the worm!

Open Up... Eating Squash for the first time

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