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Monday, October 19, 2009

Holding Violation, Barn Service, 1st Post Placement Visit

Well, we've had a holding violation! This weekend, we invited Gran, Pap, and Mema to join us for some chili. Emma is continuing to crawl and pull up to everything. Emma happened to crawl to Mema (great-grandmother) and pulled up to her. Mema took the opportunity to put Emma in her lap. You know great-grandmothers... Emma didn't mind and liked playing with Mema's necklace. For those of you who are counting down, 3 weeks tomorrow!

Emma was so cute yesterday. We were playing one of her Korean children song CDs that her foster parents sent and she actually started singing along to the chorus (or what I believe to be the chorus). It was so funny! We might have a future singer on our hands.

I want to wish Nana a Happy _ _ th Birthday!!! She turned _ _ on Sunday! We love you enough not to tell everyone you're 50!!! ;o) We enjoyed celebrating with her!

We had our annual church Barn Service yesterday. Our church meets at a barn and we have food, fellowship, worship, and a funny talent show. Being the wonderful mother I am, I forgot the stinkin' camera!!! Emma was so cute in her pink snow suit. We kept her nice and warm in the carrier. She really liked the grass and tried to eat it. I don't know if she has ever seen it before. She also liked the fire.

We have our first post placement visit next Tuesday. It's hard to believe Emma will be home a month next week! She has continued to bond and learn some many new things. I can't imagine life without her and our family has so many wonderful things to praise God for.

The Holding Violator!!! :o)

Emma enjoyed playing with Gran's measuring tape. Grandmomma Johnson would be so proud!

Look at those two top teeth. There are two more up there working its way down.

Chase was trying out his photography skills..

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