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Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy 8 Months Emma Yeirin

Our sweet Emma is 8 months today! These are 8 things that we love about you sweetheart:
1. Your sweet smile
2. Your 2 bottom teeth that shine when you smile
3. The way you cackle out loud when we blow on your tummy
4. Your ability to get anywhere you want in your walker
5. Your beautiful hair that looks so cute with bows in it
6. The way you give love on command
7. The way you rock on your hands and knees when you want to crawl
8. Your sweet almond eyes that sparkle when you look at us

Emma is continuing to adjust to being home with us. She is attaching to us well and is beginning to be more comfortable around other people. She makes sure that we are close and we assure her. We are following the recommendation of adoption therapists and are only letting daddy, mommy, and brother hold her for the first six weeks. This will help ensure that she attaches to us. She enjoyed her ride in the stroller yesterday. The car seat is still not her biggest fan.

Yesterday afternoon, we took her to a shower that some friends from school hosted. It was so nice to see everyone and I continue to feel so blessed by the love and support of my school family. To my school family: I love you all and am forever thankful for all the many ways you have supported us.

I also want to let all of my students who are reading this blog that I miss you all and will bring Emma by to see you after fall break. Continue to be the sweet boys and girls that you are! I love you all!

We went to the doctor today just to check on her runny nose. Emma weighed 21lbs and 29inches long. Our sweet girl is healthy! She goes back for her official check-up on Wednesday of next week. She will be having blood work, so please pray that she will do well.

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