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Saturday, October 3, 2009

We slept last night!!!

Emma is enjoys playing with all her new toys. She is getting more and more comfortable at home. Nap time is getting better also. She is taking her bottle very good. We are going to start mixing it today in order to transition to the American formula. She tried cereal yesterday and didn't like it, but today she ate a few bites of rice cereal and enjoyed it. She also has this adorable yawn that she adds a sigh to as she does it. It's the cutest thing. One other thing mom and dad are very happy about it the fact that she slept from 7 pm last night to 3 am this morning!!! She then took a bottle and went back to sleep until 5. We can definitely handle that! I have been blessed by the way she has also bonded with Chase. He can get her to smile at anything. She loves big brother and he sure does love her... We hope to possibly get to church soon for Sunday School. It is too early to leave her in the nursery and I don't think Bro. Tim is looking for a preaching assistant. ;o) And yes, Bro. Tim, she will say Brother Tim in two languages!

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