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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa and Opryland Hotel

Emma decided that standing was overrated and took two steps toward to me this afternoon! I was so amazed and proud of her. She's also started giving Mommy and Daddy hugs. It's the cutest thing. She puts her arms around us, just under our arm pits and leans her head into our chest. Yes, it melts Mommy and Daddy's heart. The Christmas tree continues to be a topic of "no" as she has gone over to it what seems like a hundred times today. She patiently waits for the ornaments she wants to come around and then smiles that sweet smile and rips the ornament off the tree. Upon getting it, she shakes it just to hear the bells jingle.

Tonight we took Chase and Emma to see Santa Claus in Nashville. Needless to say it was very busy. I didn't know how Emma would react to him, so Chase held her while Santa talked to her. Turns out she liked him and probably would have sat in his lap, but we didn't push it... She waved bye bye and Santa told her he would bring her a babydoll. We did a few more things at Oprymills and then headed over to Opryland hotel to check out the lights. Emma enjoyed them, but really liked playing in the fake snow the best. Ryan ask me to marry him in December at Opryland Hotel, so we always try to go back and reminisce. It's funny how different it is with two kiddos in tow. We finished off the night with a trip to Olive Garden for dinner. It was a wonderful day spent with those I love so much. I couldn't help but think about Emma and how special this season is for her and us. This is her first Christmas and I am so thankful she will spend it with her forever family.

Chase and Santa

Emma and Chase with Santa

Our family of 4. Thanks to the sweet lady who took it!!!

Oh, my, he's getting so big!


Photo spot...

Emma loved the fake snow, so much she cried when we decided to move on...

Beautiful lights!

This is the spot where Ryan proposed to me. Right by the huge tree after a day of ice skating, lights, and a carriage ride

The true meaning of the season...

I love the Nativity scene

Daddy and his girl

My sweet kiddos

By the same tree where I said "Yes"

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  1. Great pictures of you with your beautiful family! What a sweet proposal story...nice that you can go back to it every year and relive the moment! :)