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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Catching Up...

Ok, so I am a slacker!!! Thanks to my wonderful friend for reminding me that I haven't posted in...well, too long. So instead of trying to go back and catch up, here are some random pictures of what we've been up to...

Emma isn't going to school just yet...She likes Chase's backpack though

I've started trying to take her picture every week or so in this chair to see how much she is growing. Isn't that a sweet face!

One morning I Emma decided to play with Chase's gloves. She had one on her hand and was trying hard to put the other one on. I helped her out and she was ready to work. Our hard working girl!

I went into the kitchen one morning to put breakfast dishes away and I heard Emma yell "Momma, Momma!" This is what I found. She was so proud of herself.

Emma likes to play in our dirty clothes piles (yes piles) and she found Daddy's shirt and helped herself to put it on. She was walking down the hallway like a runway model.

Our church celebrated Easter week with a Maundy Thursday dinner. Emma enjoyed the soup and crackers. This is a picture of her at church.

I'm not sure if Emma celebrated Easter last year with her foster family, but we were excited to be able to have her home to celebrate this year. She loved her stuffed duck in her Easter baskets as well as the puffs.

Emma conquered the slide. She wasn't sure about it...

Bunny ears

Feeding myself for the first time. She ate an entire piece of pizza!


At the ballpark, watching big brother play

Laughing at Chase

After she mastered the little chair, she decided to try to big one!!!


  1. Been following your blog for a long time! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! She is getting so big! Great to see a post ;)

  2. Hi - I'm Aimee Luis' SIL and I just wanted to pop in and say hi : ) I have a baby girl almost the same age as yours. I'm laughing because so many of the things yours is doing, mine is interested in too - climbing in chairs, carrying laundry around the house, and about half afraid of slides! Our daughter just turned 16 months. We have two sons, 11 and almost 9, so it has been a while since we've had a toddler around the house. We had hoped for another baby for years but it just didn't work out like WE planned. However, now that she is here, our little family is complete and she is the center of all our lives!

    BTW, I love some of the unique clothes I've noticed you have found for Emma. So cute! I started sewing not long ago and made mine two knot dresses already - love those!