Emma's Gotcha Day Video

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One Year Ago Today...

We got the call that would change our family forever...

And saw the face of the daughter we loved already

You can read about that amazing day here. I have replayed the "call" lots today and I can only look at Emma now and smile as I thank God for how He has blessed us. Wow what a difference a year makes! Thank you God for allowing us to be Emma's forever family. Emma, we love you with all our heart sweet girl!

Here's a few recent pictures:


  1. She seriously couldn't be any cuter! Happy one year!

  2. She is a doll!!! I love the last picture with the pigtails!!! So happy for you & have loved following your journey!!! Hopefully one day we can still get together when we pass thru Bowling Green on our way to Nashville!!