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Monday, December 13, 2010

Family Rules Canvas

Recently at a birthday party, I saw the cutest Family Rules Canvas. It was so neat, I decided to make one for our new house. So, here's mine:
You can find the step-by-step instructions here. Here's the short version:
1. Purchase a canvas, mine is 24x30 using 40% coupon from H@bby L@bby
2. Pick out scrapbook paper (this is the most fun part!) Be sure the paper isn't too dark, as my first rule is hard to read.
3. Look at the list of rules and decide which ones you want to use or make your own.
4. Cut the scrapbook paper into various strips (I used 1, 2, and 3 inch widths) Cut two and tape them together to make one long strip since scrapbook paper is 12x12
5. Write the rules or print them off on the computer and trace over them. I just eyed them and wrote them out.
6. Paint the edges of your canvas with an acrylic paint that will match the room you're putting it in. The strips will cover the middle so don't worry about painting all of it.
7. Use Modge Podge and "paste" the strips to the canvas spacing them however you like. (The paper will curl/bubble, just try to flatten the paper as much as possible but it adds character! ;o)
8. Allow to dry overnight or a few hours and apply a coat of Modge Podge over the top to "seal" the canvas and papers. You can apply several coats about 20 minutes apart or a single coat will suffice. (Use a brush or sponge to apply)
9. Enjoy!

5. Use paint pens to write the rules, you can also print them off on the computer.

Here's some pictures of the project in process:

Notice where I taped the strips together in the Never leave angry strip

Blacks were too dark even with the white paint pen. FYI using the white paint pen require tracing the rule several times...


  1. That is really cute! I was just thinking about you, because i realized I never got back to you on that bow holder. We are (still) waiting for referral. UGH! I do want it, but was trying to wait for referral. I will email you soon!!!

  2. That is so cute! What a great idea!

  3. Greetings,

    I just found your adoption blog and would love to learn more about your experience. We are in Indiana and are just beginning to research our options for a Korea adoption. When possible, could you please email me (jlp91326@yahoo.com)? I see that your timeline is quite short, so I am curious to know more about the program that you used.

    I have been in touch with Bethany which is quoting 16-24 months for a referral after approved home study. You can imagine how discouraging this is!

    I look forward to hearing from you,


  4. I met you and your sweet Emma about a year ago in Chick-fil-a. Just now making it to you blog, but can't wait to follow your journey!