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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

And headed to Korea!!! It's been a hectic few days as I have been preparing to go to Korea to meet Emma's foster mother and see where she spent the first few months of her life. This all came about last Thursday as a family I am working with received their travel call. I am flying with another adoptive mom to get her son. How special to share this with her! We are leaving on Saturday morning and will return Thursday afternoon. The flight is about 16 hours but Korea is 14 hours ahead. So, we will lose a day going and gain a day coming back!

There are so many emotions dancing in my mind as I prepare for what I will say, how she will react and trying to think of all the things Emma might ask me one day about her birth country. I can't wait to see where my sweet girl started her life. I am going to take lots of pictures and keep a journal here on the blog to record this experience for her to learn about one day.

Please pray for safe travels and for Ryan and kiddos as Mommy is away.


  1. You will fall in love with Seoul! It's a magical place! Have fun!

  2. What a great experience to be able to go and share with Emma. You are going to love it! Praying for safe travels and for your family. Have fun and soak it all in! It's AMAZING!

  3. Prayers as you travel and have this amazing experience:)

    Keep us updated, can't wait to hear more.