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Monday, May 23, 2011

Introducing Ben Minjoon Lewis

This post is dedicated to Minjoon, the agency's first international sweetheart! When we met his social worker, she informed us that Minjoon was featured on some of the posters that have been hanging on the walls here in the building. Little did we know we have been oohing and ahhing over him!!! These photos are of him when he was younger. They are part of the campaign to encourage domestic adoption in Korea so being was being snuggled and loved by a famous Korean actor!

Dana met Minjoon for the first time at the foster family's home around 2:45 Seoul time. Minjoon was sooo sweet! He was tired as it was nap time! The sweetest part was that he fell asleep in Dana's arms. Minjoon will join his forever family Wednesday at 11:00 Seoul time. Needless to say she can't wait!!!


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Location:Seoul South Korea

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  1. Baby Ben Minjoon is absolutely adorable looking into the eyes of his mommy! Dana is smiling, literally beaming. The connection between them is so brilliant. Such a precious moment. Simply priceless. I am so happy for Dana, Jeff, Baby Ben, and both grandmas! Such love surrounding Baby Ben. So happy for them! Just can hardly wait to see, hold, and kiss Baby Ben. Such a gift from God!