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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day

The snow came down overnight on Wednesday which allowed for a snow day!!! Not only did we get out Thursday and Friday of last week, but we have been out Monday and today this week! Chase enjoyed playing in the snow with his sled he got for Christmas last year. Emma wasn't sure about the snow at first, but enjoyed it after getting used to the cold. She was so cute all bundled up! It looks like we'll be back to school tomorrow as most of the snow has melted. Emma and I are staying warm and enjoying just hanging out at home. I've been getting things prepared for her big 1st birthday party coming up in Feb. 2. There is lots to do especially since this is her first birthday and the Korean culture places a great emphasis on the first birthday (Tol). She has a special outfit called a hanbok that her foster parents sent. This is the traditional dress that Korean children wear on special occasions. Hope all is well with everyone...Stay warm!!!

Emma wasn't a fan of sledding. She doesn't care for motion whether it is in a stroller, car seat, wagon, or even a sled!

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