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Friday, January 22, 2010

Bath Time, Birthday Plans, and New Hairstyle

It's been such a nice week being home with Emma. She is much happier with Mommy playing with her all day. The house is a mess and I could wash clothes for three days and still not be caught up, but it's not going anywhere and she is changing every day. She is crawling less and less and her balance is getting better. She still looks like a weeble wabble at times when she walks.

Emma loves bath time. She kicks and smiles when we ask her if she wants to take a bath. Her favorite is splashing in the water and playing with her bath toys.

I have been busy getting her birthday plans together. Her first birthday is going to be so special and we know how fortunate we are to share it with her. There are other families that dont' have that opportunity and we are going to enjoy it. Her birthday is on a Tuesday so we are going to celebrate the Sunday after. More details to come. I am still working on decorations and food. I want to incorporate the Korean culture as well as American traditions so it should be a neat experience.

As you can tell in the photos, Emma's hair is getting longer and I tried a new hairstyle today. She looks so cute but Mommy certainly needs to work on her styling skills.

Look at her go...

Snapping a few pictures in her birthday outfit for invitations

It doesn't matter what her hair looks like, she's still adorable!
Pigtails for my sweet girl

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