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Monday, February 1, 2010

4 Months Home

Emma has been home for 4 months and in some ways it seems like yesterday when we received the call that she was on her way home to us. I remember that day so vividly. It was Monday and I was teaching reading when my cell phone rang. Of course I don't usually answer my phone during a school day but I knew Emma had gotten her visa the Friday before and that a travel call could happen although not likely on Monday. Little did I know that she was already on a plane to the United States. The weekend and extra 14 hours difference in Seoul made it impossible to let us know any sooner. At that moment, I burst into tears and my second grade students were all cheering and clapping as they knew it was the call I was waiting for. Our agency director informed me that we must go to Detroit that day so we would be there when Emma arrived early the next day. After calling family and scrambling to get our clothes together (Emma's bag was packed that weekend) we drove to Michigan as a family of 3 and came back a family of 4. After arriving around 3 in the morning and getting little sleep, I remember laying awake that night talking to God and thanking Him for the blessing that I know I don't deserve. Love is an amazing thing especially when that love comes from Him. I've been asked by others, "Do you love her the same way you love Chase?" And my answer is of course I do. The love that I have for my children come from God and it's an unconditional love that doesn't considered whether or not they grew under my heart or in it.

Chase said that the time has flown by since she came home. It does seems like it. It also feels like she has always been here. Tomorrow we celebrate her birthday and I can't believe that she will be 1. She's learning so many new things and her personality continues to blossom. She's walking everywhere which means she is getting into everything! We love you Emma!

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