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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blessed again... Visa Interview

As I type, I am consumed with emotion about the day and what it means for our family. Today started out as any other, rushing to get ready and head off to school. As I drove to school today, I had an urge to call the Visa Center. I told Ryan I wasn't going to call until Monday because I knew nothing would be taking place until probably after that. The Visa specialist told us on Tuesday that it would take approximately 2-4 weeks. My heart kept pulling to call today even though I knew that if, just if they processed the P3, it probably wouldn't have made it back to the embassy, much less updated in the system. So when I got to school, I called the number and a sweet lady answered the phone. I gave her the information and she asked me to hold. Her next words were, my she is such a beautiful baby, what cute hair she has! I agreed and then she said, they must be ready to get this little girl home because she has a Visa Interview scheduled tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. I immediately began to cry and smile, and squeal (I've been doing a lot of that lately). I told her to have a great day and she said she thought I would too!!! Of course! I then ran down the primary hallway jumping up and down. I called Ryan and of course he was thrilled and excited. I am in awe at how blessed we have been through this whole process. I give God all the glory and praise. God has something extraordinary planned for her life. I was humbled at how I thought today would be an ordinary day and God had something wonderful planned. So many times we don't have the faith that God can do miracles in our lives. I believe He smiled today when he knew I was completed flabbergasted as I heard her visa interview had been scheduled.

As I understand it, Emma's social worker will go to embassy and Emma will be given a visa or travel certificate. At that point, her travel arrangements will be made and an escort will be determined (the escort could already be decided). We will receive a call from our agency that she is ready to come home within a week or so. Usually the travel call comes 5-10 days before she arrives. That means that she could be here by Chase's birthday! His wish just may come true!!!

My mind is going in so many directions. I praise God for the way he has blessed us. I heart breaks for the foster mother who will send precious Emma to us. I know that day will be difficult for her. I will try to keep in touch with her after Emma comes home. I know our sweet girl doesn't know what is about to happen, but she is about to join a family to will love her forever.

Please pray that Emma will be healthy, she will have a wonderful escort, and the trip to us will be safe. Thanks so much for the support and prayers. Our journey is almost complete...and for that I praise God.

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