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Monday, September 28, 2009

Travel Call!!!!

We are so excited to report that we received our travel call this morning. It was 9:46 am to be exact!!! They said, this never happens but your baby girl will be here tomorrow at 1:45!!! I know God who makes things happen!!!! I immediately was overcome with excitement and joy and nervousness and excitement and .... So as we speak I am throwing clothes together for us. I packed her diaper bag last night (just felt like I needed to...) and we will drive to Detroit and spend the night. Our plan is to come back tomorrow afternoon and let her spend her first night with us at home. Please pray for safe travel as she is already on her way to us. Thanks so all of those who have prayed and supported us. We can't wait to share her with you!!! The next post will be updated pictures of our sweet girl!!!


  1. Amazing!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

    We are an AIAA family too. I sure hope our time line is like yours!!!!!

  2. Coming over from the BB to say Congrats! you little girl is so sweet!

  3. We are so happy for you. WOW can you say fast. Be safe and try to stay calm and enjoy the moment. Vanous and Jenn