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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

P3 has been sent!!!

I wish you could hear me squeal as I heard that the P3 had been sent today!!!! I am SO excited about getting to this point! After the agency in Korea receives it, they will send it back to the embassy. Emma will then have her visa interview!!! I found out today after talking with our agency that Emma has already had her visa physical. She said her those of you waiting that the Class B form is filled out when the physical happens. Good to know! The only other item is question is the emigration permit which our agency isn't notified of when Emma receives it. She could already have it... Our particular agency doesn't get notified. Please pray that the emigration permit has been issued. She can't travel until she has one. I have heard that only a certain number are issued per year per agency. If things continue to progress and the emigration permit has been issued, the end of October is a realistic timeframe to get our precious little girl!!!

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