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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gotcha Day, home, and sleeping

This has been an amazing 48 hours!!! From the last minute call to the airport. Emma arrived at 1:19 EST at the Detroit Michigan airport. She spent almost 2 hours in customs but finally we were united with her. She is perfect. We are madly in love with her. She came right to me and then to Daddy. After a few minutes, she started to cry. I walked her and bounced her and she fell asleep. It was a long day of traveling for her as she flew 4,700 miles yesterday. She doesn't like her car seat, but did sleep in it quite a bit. She loves toys and music. Her foster family sent along 2 Korean children song CD's and they calmed her during the ride. It was a very long trip home. Seven hours in a car is a long time for anyone. We did make several stops. She wanted to get down and play. As expected she would cry off and on but would quickly calm when we soothed her. You can tell she is grieving. It completely breaks my heart to see her cry, but it comforts me to know she was well attached. Her foster family sent lots of items home with her. One being a Hanbok, her first birthday outfit. They also sent two photo albums of her stay with them. I am forever thankful to them for capturing a part of her life we couldn't be there to experience. They also sent two pairs of shoes for when she gets older and a Korean flag. The card they sent was so sweet and just confirmed that they loved her very much. We will be forever thankful to them.

When we finally arrived home around 12:30 am, Emma was ready to get down and play. She is sitting up and scooting around. Her little personality is so sweet and she enjoyed exploring her new home. She fell asleep around 3 am and is still sleeping. Traveling is hard work! Here are some picture of our amazing day... We love you all and are looking forward to getting out soon.

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